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keepin’ it Authentic like Vans

Beauty can be created with plastic surgery, bayalage, and botox.  You can build your perfect booty and tiny waist from 1:1 training sessions with Evan at Equinox. But authentic beauty, an authentic and genuine beautiful woman will always be invaluable. The problem isn’t in the idea of believing you are beautiful It lies within the lies that beautiful is only of the exterior. A truly beautiful woman is created through authenticity and happiness.  How many of us beautiful women have lost sight that beauty derives from within? I know at least one and now so do you.

I used to pride myself in trait that many others always told me, you’re not like the rest. You’re different.. It’s authentic, genuine and beautiful. So at the Daily BS today I share a story about a younger lady I recently met, she would have reminded you of the 24 hour fitness Bri, the one who was the first smile you say when you walked in the gym and the last to say goodbye hopefully by your first name unless she had her nose in a book.  This time 20 year old Sabrina. Just moved to San Diego last week from Northern Pennsylvania. She works at Iron Side here in Little Italy and her smile can light up the block almost as bright as our notorious Little Italy sign… well at least we know it will as you pass along India street to be greeted and welcomed in to try of San Diego’s best Osyters on the half shell.  But if your feeling like Bri, try my fave Grilled Octopus. Sabrina and I didn’t meet at Iron Side surprisingly enough but as referenced in my prior post with all my  “stuff” stuff that filled my loft I decided to do something about it. Between Posh and Offer Up I listed everything but the kitchen sink.

I can openly share these words of excitement as Sabrina walked into my apartment for her new restored grey wood night stand and dresser as I listed together ASAP to a good home.  I couldn’t help but smile at the fact she loved it and was so happy to make it hers. She was filled of gratitude, excitement and shared with me kind words about my home when she came to pick it up. How beautiful it is and how awesome it must be a dream come true to live down town. I reassured her how amazing San Diego is and told her I was proud of her for making the transplant that many of us do to the melting pot of San Diego to make it home.  You have beaches, sun, food, boys, and adventures that await you but promise me you’ll never loose that smile, excitement, and authenticity.

Tonight as I sit in my now entirely EMPTY loft with nothing but the kitchen sink of course. I am reminded of that beauty. Never less than every new day I wake I should remind myself of the true beauty that lies within. I am reminded and filled with the excitement of not looking or searching but having. Having my authentic and beautiful self. If you didn’t have the pleasure of knowing her then, Rest assured she’s here to stay. Encouraging another 20 year old Bri/Sabrina moving to this City. Never lose sight of that smile, authentic and genuine beauty.

I know one, two, three, six.. million, billion, the world consists of many. We are all beautiful, maybe we just need to be reminded of what beauty really is and I can guarantee it wont be Botox, plastic surgery, or squats.

How many beautiful women do you know?

Bisous, Bisous,

Brianna Cirene


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