I’m not a regular mom I’m a dog mom.

Okay Okay, catchy title I know. For real though, I am beyond stoked to have this title. So I have Taz, hes my little fur baby and I have Miss Ava. Shes my little niece and just turned that what do they call it Terrrrib? Terrriffic Two’s? Yeah we will go with that. For this  same terrific two’s has lead me to share with you all The BS Daily’s  Top 5 reasons being a dog mom is better than a regular one. (at least for now)

  1. Doggie bags are better than Diaper Bags. Carrying a Dog bags is much lighter than A diaper bag filled of snacks, wipes and change of clothes and less risky than opening that same diaper bag and not having any more diapers in it. If you run out of dog bags communities always have extra bag dispensers at least in major cities or to purchase for 10cents…but what happens when you don’t have any more diapers in the “diaper” bag and you just threw away the last soiled fowl smelling one and only have two hands? I ask this as a rhetorical question as in I’ve been there done that and for that reason this is ranked number one!
  2.  Dog walks are better than toddler walks. To go on a walk means you and your dog  walk simultaneously with an occasional stop to smell the roses aka the fire hydrant or the use of a doggie bag. Instead every time you put your toddler in the stroller and they see something they like they say ” I wanna wallllk” then moments later after overcoming the struggles and frustrations of how the heck do you unfasten the child safety features of the stroller  you JUST strapped them into, they no longer want to walk. A walk then becomes a “hold me” Now you are carrying a child on “a walk” pushing a stroller.
  3.  Going bye-byes is EASY! It’s a simple “let’s go bye byes” and Taz even grabs his own leash and we’re out the door. When I tell Ava, lets go bye bye’s.. It’s grab frozen dolly, fill up the big girl no spill sippy cup, grab the diaper bag, make sure there are diapers in that bag. See no. 1 for reference. Then don’t forget the snacks, non perishable because when you get back from bye byes you wont have enough hands or energy and those half eaten snacks will probably end up stuck to your seat.. hopefully in arms reach of the car seat that way next time you go bye byes you’ll have extra snacks… Please note stale cookies are still cookies.
  4. Treats are better when they wag their tail and sit quietly. For some reason my niece thinks treats are snacks or even better she thinks treats are breakfast. Behavioral studies show the benefit of positive reinforcement of treats when training your dog as well as your child. But children also cry loud, extremely loud when they want a pop cream aka Ava’s terminology for otter pop and are not given at 730 am.
  5.  Sleep is your BEST Friend. Well a dog is your best friend so Sleep is your Best friend’s best friend and could be a toddler’s too but…You ever see a sleepy toddler not sleep? oh yeah, We’ve all heard it.. kid cries fusses and regular mom says  oh they’re just tired. EYE ROLL as I rest my case. Dog naps are frequent, they put themselves to sleep, they especially don’t fight the tiredness because of FOMO and most importantly don’t wake up from sleep acting like an episode of Terrific Two’s.

Thus, leading Dog Mom’s of the world with another reason how being a Dog Mom is better than a Regular mom… for now.


Bisous, Bisous,

Brianna Cirene.

TheBSdaily #anythingbutbs

3 thoughts on “I’m not a regular mom I’m a dog mom.”

  1. Hey this is Jay your super great Lyft driver to the airport in San Diego. I love the blog and you are very talented. It was great meeting you hope you had a smooth trip home.


    1. Hey Jay!!!
      How awesome for you to connect to the blog! This just made my day! What did you think?
      Any additional input on why being a #dogdad is better!?
      Especially from a fellow animal lover more than people!
      Like Bill Murray says,
      ” I’m suspicious of people who don’t like dogs, but I trust a dog when it doesn’t like a person.”


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