Top 5 reasons why a broken femur is better than a broken heart.

Did you know the femur is the largest bone in the human body? Scientifically speaking to break your femur is commonly associated with a car accident or impact of such caliber but not for me. It happened as I played across the fresh cut grass and hit a sprinkler hole while doing a fancy cross over with my left leg over the ball. 

Most would say they would never touch a ball again if it happened to them. Oh how I remember the pain, surgery, and recovery as if it were yesterday. But today I ask myself what could possibly be worse than a broken femur? Well folks the BS daily ruled out everything but a broken heart. Oh I remember as if it were yesterday the pain associated with a broken heart. The unbearable pain and recovery worse than any broken bone, even the femur. Does that mean most would say they’d never fall in love again?

 1. DRUGS or more appropriately addressed as Pain management. With the doctors scribbled order, ice and elevation can take away the pain associated with a broken femur but not a broken heart. If you dare dabble into drinking while going through a heart ache I know you can agree. 

2. Through advanced medical devices, skilled doctors, and tools they can stitch mend and make new if not better the pieces of the bone. Don’t you wish we had a magical device to heal a broken heart, note moving onto another doesn’t heal its almost like a butterfly stitch, it’s not a real stitch. You’re left with a much bigger scar. 
3. Taking “professional” advice is easier. When you physically can’t bend your knee because rods sticking into it it’s easy to follow your doctors orders of don’t bend your knee. Following your friends advice, family or even a stranger’s is more difficult to follow because it’s not your mama’s broken heart thanks Miranda Lamber for that one. 

4. Recovery process for a broken femur can seem extravagant beings it took me 6 months to learn how to walk again. BUT, at least I learned how to walk again. I went from a wheelchair, walker, crutches and eventually back on the field sprinting up right field with a fancy left footed crossover. How does a broken heart learn how to love again? (Hint:It starts with loving yourself)

 5.  Last but not least what’s best about a broken femur is six months later when you do heal you appreciate all the wonderful things you took for granted but don’t find yourself texting a soccer ball through iCloud or social media.

Brianna Cirene

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