Every Day is NDD when You are a Dog Mom

August 26th is the BEST National howl-iday known to man kind.  Even better than my birthday, yikes i can’t believe I said it, even better than National Wine Day, National Coffee Day and National Treat yo-self to a Spa Day-Day, it’s my favorite day to celebrate; It”s National Dog Day. How awesome is that? An entire day dedicated to celebrating life with my dog, impressed with America? So am I,  but to be honest it is just like any other day for me and the many other Dog Moms/Dads and here’s why.

  1. You may see us post an extra picture to social media today to help promote awareness of NDD but if you notice, we post pictures of our dogs daily.  If for some bizarre reason we failed to post to a social media we have still have new pictures streaming to our Icloud, to the point we have to purchase extra storage just to keep ALL of them! How could we dare erase ONE of the 6,000 we already have? So thank you Itunes for auto withdraw of 99 cents a month so I can take extra pictures of Taz today and the many faces he made when he ate his National Dog Day treat.
  2. Who am I kidding he gets a dog treat every DAY. I used to use them as a way to work on his behavior as positive reinforcement but he is so darn perfect he deserves a treat regardless of  National Dog Day or not.. Taz is getting a treat for something.
  3. If we are not with our dog for any part of the day our thoughts are sure to be,” I’d rather be with my dog.” (#IRBWMD) If a dog mom/dad tries to make plans before or after work one can assume the first question asked is Can I take my Dog? If the answer is no. It’s a I’m sorry, can’t go because lets be honest #IRBWMD.
  4.  Our daily ritual is more theirs than ours. Even before we want to get out of bed, the morning is dedicated to a morning walk half asleep, spilling our coffee as we grab a doggie bag and head out the door.
  5. NDD is a celebration of your Dog’s life but every day is a celebration of your life when you have a dog

And that my friends is why NDD is just like any other day for us dog moms and dads across the globe. So Cheers to a celebration of life and National Dog Day everyday.


Bisous Bisous,

Brianna Cirene




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