Tooth Paste Dating

Alright Alright, Today at the BS daily we are getting a little minty fresh with #anythingbutBS

Today we are taking a turn and going to teach you how Tooth paste dating is a big NO, No but quite frankly is epidemic and needs to be addressed! 

Ever Been low on toothpaste? Like beyond low as if you should have gotten a new tube a week ago but for some miraculous reason this magical tube keeps producing more? It keeps producing juuuust enough to hold you over. You have managed now to make the end of that tube last four more brushes before you eventually make the trip to Ralph’s, CVS or jet.com. The new sparkily tube makes it home agreeing this usually happens before you toss the distorted, manipulated and squeezed to death tube away, What if you forget to get toothpaste that day? I’m certain that tube would have got you through one one more night, morning or even weekend.

But what is really left of that tube? Anything? At this point some would say nothing other’s might hold onto one more drop. So maybe just toss it in a chore in case the new tube runs dry and you get another one, then another one and then another one. But you still have that one, or two or maybe three distorted squeezed tubes shoved somewhere just in case.

Lets touch on this this brand NEW TUBE of Crest, Toms, Colgate whichever you prefer.. what ever your “type” is. Let’s just say it’d  PERFECT, Isn’t it? You use it with much to spare, you place not a dab but a whole grip on the brush to the end with fresh minty paste without thinking twice. If it drops from the brush to the sink you certainly wash it down the drain without hesitation.

If you haven’t got a clue where we find the correlation of toothpaste and dating lets break it down.

  1. The beginning of a relationship is awesome amazing and minty fresh. You indulge in the brand new tube, let things slip down the sink without a second thought but at this point truth is there is still an empty tube lying around somewhere. The idea get a new one to forget the old works doesn’t it?
  2. When that relationship ends.. It doesn’t really end any more. We hold onto the hey, can I come over, I need one more night? We hold onto four more brushes, four more nights, just enough to hold you over.
  3. Eventually you go out and you find another one of “your type of course” sometimes its the same day or many later but we get our Colgate, Crest, Toms. Usually the same brand but this time switch it up with peppermint instead of spearmint. We either like it or we go back to our old one, Right?
  4. We throw it in a chore for when the new tube runs out, we hold onto the last relationship because times get tough and we miss the comfort of what we had. We try and move on but are there many we hold onto? Or.. is there just one empty tube?
  5. Is there ONE we wish when we first got it we didn’t let it slip away down the drain or toss away with every bit of it used with nothing to spare or is there many? 

Is this what dating has come to? Disposable? Replaceable? Squeezed empty/dry and with nothing left but to be tossed? Truth is we’ll never know until we stop dating like toothpaste. And if you ask The BS daily relationships are not supposed to be disposable, replaceable, or squeezed empty and tossed in the trash.

How about we date like the synergistic analgesic iterations between Hydrocodone and Ibuprofen. Huh? Let’s touch on that… next time.

Bisous, Bisous

Brianna Cirene



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