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The hardest part is getting Started.

Kick start your Favorite Faded Blue Jean Challenge by getting back into your favorite baby blues and living Healthy. Here is The BS Daily’s #anythingbutBS Best Tips to Kick start your “Start” for the last time! Being “Fit” or living healthy includes a mix of calorie in and calorie out, Nutrition in and Caloric expenditure. If you’re not willing to give up the Big Mac and Chicago Deep Dish, or the Pinot Nior. Don’t worry neither am I. As Simple as this may seem, burn as many calories and you consume to keep your jeans fitting JUST RIGHT. It’s a balancing act but not impossible, SO follow along as you will find #anythingbutBS 5 tips and quick tricks to help kick start your healthy habit of burning off those burgers and cheesy breaded goodness topped with too much sauce!


Finding something you ENJOY!

Activity can be Fun, it should be, if you hate the gym stick to outdoors. If you hate the classes stick to the at home workouts. Whatever you hate about starting over and over again should be your biggest motivation to find something you can actually enjoy. Whatever it is find out and if you have no idea what kind of dreadful sweating heart rate boosting activity you like…even better!  Try them ALL and it try it FOR FREE!

Every one loves FREE.

Look for free trials in your area, businesses are always running promotional and marketing ploys to earn your business. Just as everyone grew up loving Raymond, Everyone loves Free offers and consumers always benefit from new student promotions, and specials. This includes kickboxing studios, Crossfit, Spin, Pilates, yoga, gyms, and even Rockclimbing and outdoor associations have free day- week passes. Be sure to stray away from signing contracts and hidden fees. A great place to start is browsing social media for free and local events. For example, The incredible Mom-Preneur @LaurenTheYogi teaches corporate yoga but she offers free Yoga in the park on the weekends. It can be tedious but once you find an activity that you love while  simultaneously becoming fit and living healthier, but It’ll be worth it I promise. You’ll be in those Favorite Faded Blue Jeans in no time! Happier and healthier.


Invite friends to events/classes or invite them over to help prep some healthy meals. Having extra accountability is critical when you get home from a busy work day, lay on the couch and put on some ESPN or Cooking channel. Ditching the class (especially when free/low risk with no financial investment) gets easier than we think, but bailing on a colleague, friend or partner makes it a little harder to skip out. This is also where a trainer comes in extremely valuable when you pay for a session you more inclined to show up and being held accountable leads to consistency.

Consistency is key:

In more areas than just health and fitness the trick to starting this journey is sticking to it. Time block your schedule in advance and treat it as if it were your best friend’s wedding, mom’s birthday dinner you’ve been planning for months, or shoot even treat it like its your wedding or your birthday party. Whatever IT takes to convince yourself to believe you can NOT miss your calorie burning sessions.

Make Time:

Sometimes life happens and it makes it “impossible” to follow through on that day, don’t become discouraged or believe you don’t have time. You need to make time even if it means only 20 minutes of bringing your heart rate above resting then that’s what it takes. Sometimes this means a quick in the kitchen doing dishes work out with some added jump squats and wall sits during nap time.  Bottom line: You must make time.


Bisous, Bisous

Brianna Cirene



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