Hussleing> Settling

Tonight my grandma asked and said why did you move away from all your family for the second time your mother says it’s time for you to settle down I agree you’re not getting any younger. Tonight I was reminded that their idea of settling down is exactly that but only the first… settling. I am fully capable to be a stay at home mom or trophy wife but that’s my idea of settling. I always envisioned my self to be working hard, going to the gym making my coffee in the am reading my books at night enjoying my rosè and doing exactly what I want until someone walked in and matched that. Tonight I’m reminded to hussle or settle. You choose.

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The hardest part is getting Started.

Kick start your Favorite Faded Blue Jean Challenge by getting back into your favorite baby blues and living Healthy. Here is The BS Daily’s #anythingbutBS Best Tips to Kick start your “Start” for the last time! Being “Fit” or living healthy includes a mix of calorie in and calorie out, Nutrition in and Caloric expenditure. If you’re not willing to give up the Big Mac and Chicago Deep Dish, or the Pinot Nior. Don’t worry neither am I. As Simple as this may seem, burn as many calories and you consume to keep your jeans fitting JUST RIGHT. It’s a balancing act but not impossible, SO follow along as you will find #anythingbutBS 5 tips and quick tricks to help kick start your healthy habit of burning off those burgers and cheesy breaded goodness topped with too much sauce!


Finding something you ENJOY!

Activity can be Fun, it should be, if you hate the gym stick to outdoors. If you hate the classes stick to the at home workouts. Whatever you hate about starting over and over again should be your biggest motivation to find something you can actually enjoy. Whatever it is find out and if you have no idea what kind of dreadful sweating heart rate boosting activity you like…even better!  Try them ALL and it try it FOR FREE!

Every one loves FREE.

Look for free trials in your area, businesses are always running promotional and marketing ploys to earn your business. Just as everyone grew up loving Raymond, Everyone loves Free offers and consumers always benefit from new student promotions, and specials. This includes kickboxing studios, Crossfit, Spin, Pilates, yoga, gyms, and even Rockclimbing and outdoor associations have free day- week passes. Be sure to stray away from signing contracts and hidden fees. A great place to start is browsing social media for free and local events. For example, The incredible Mom-Preneur @LaurenTheYogi teaches corporate yoga but she offers free Yoga in the park on the weekends. It can be tedious but once you find an activity that you love while  simultaneously becoming fit and living healthier, but It’ll be worth it I promise. You’ll be in those Favorite Faded Blue Jeans in no time! Happier and healthier.


Invite friends to events/classes or invite them over to help prep some healthy meals. Having extra accountability is critical when you get home from a busy work day, lay on the couch and put on some ESPN or Cooking channel. Ditching the class (especially when free/low risk with no financial investment) gets easier than we think, but bailing on a colleague, friend or partner makes it a little harder to skip out. This is also where a trainer comes in extremely valuable when you pay for a session you more inclined to show up and being held accountable leads to consistency.

Consistency is key:

In more areas than just health and fitness the trick to starting this journey is sticking to it. Time block your schedule in advance and treat it as if it were your best friend’s wedding, mom’s birthday dinner you’ve been planning for months, or shoot even treat it like its your wedding or your birthday party. Whatever IT takes to convince yourself to believe you can NOT miss your calorie burning sessions.

Make Time:

Sometimes life happens and it makes it “impossible” to follow through on that day, don’t become discouraged or believe you don’t have time. You need to make time even if it means only 20 minutes of bringing your heart rate above resting then that’s what it takes. Sometimes this means a quick in the kitchen doing dishes work out with some added jump squats and wall sits during nap time.  Bottom line: You must make time.


Bisous, Bisous

Brianna Cirene




Tooth Paste Dating

Alright Alright, Today at the BS daily we are getting a little minty fresh with #anythingbutBS

Today we are taking a turn and going to teach you how Tooth paste dating is a big NO, No but quite frankly is epidemic and needs to be addressed! 

Ever Been low on toothpaste? Like beyond low as if you should have gotten a new tube a week ago but for some miraculous reason this magical tube keeps producing more? It keeps producing juuuust enough to hold you over. You have managed now to make the end of that tube last four more brushes before you eventually make the trip to Ralph’s, CVS or The new sparkily tube makes it home agreeing this usually happens before you toss the distorted, manipulated and squeezed to death tube away, What if you forget to get toothpaste that day? I’m certain that tube would have got you through one one more night, morning or even weekend.

But what is really left of that tube? Anything? At this point some would say nothing other’s might hold onto one more drop. So maybe just toss it in a chore in case the new tube runs dry and you get another one, then another one and then another one. But you still have that one, or two or maybe three distorted squeezed tubes shoved somewhere just in case.

Lets touch on this this brand NEW TUBE of Crest, Toms, Colgate whichever you prefer.. what ever your “type” is. Let’s just say it’d  PERFECT, Isn’t it? You use it with much to spare, you place not a dab but a whole grip on the brush to the end with fresh minty paste without thinking twice. If it drops from the brush to the sink you certainly wash it down the drain without hesitation.

If you haven’t got a clue where we find the correlation of toothpaste and dating lets break it down.

  1. The beginning of a relationship is awesome amazing and minty fresh. You indulge in the brand new tube, let things slip down the sink without a second thought but at this point truth is there is still an empty tube lying around somewhere. The idea get a new one to forget the old works doesn’t it?
  2. When that relationship ends.. It doesn’t really end any more. We hold onto the hey, can I come over, I need one more night? We hold onto four more brushes, four more nights, just enough to hold you over.
  3. Eventually you go out and you find another one of “your type of course” sometimes its the same day or many later but we get our Colgate, Crest, Toms. Usually the same brand but this time switch it up with peppermint instead of spearmint. We either like it or we go back to our old one, Right?
  4. We throw it in a chore for when the new tube runs out, we hold onto the last relationship because times get tough and we miss the comfort of what we had. We try and move on but are there many we hold onto? Or.. is there just one empty tube?
  5. Is there ONE we wish when we first got it we didn’t let it slip away down the drain or toss away with every bit of it used with nothing to spare or is there many? 

Is this what dating has come to? Disposable? Replaceable? Squeezed empty/dry and with nothing left but to be tossed? Truth is we’ll never know until we stop dating like toothpaste. And if you ask The BS daily relationships are not supposed to be disposable, replaceable, or squeezed empty and tossed in the trash.

How about we date like the synergistic analgesic iterations between Hydrocodone and Ibuprofen. Huh? Let’s touch on that… next time.

Bisous, Bisous

Brianna Cirene




Every Day is NDD when You are a Dog Mom

August 26th is the BEST National howl-iday known to man kind.  Even better than my birthday, yikes i can’t believe I said it, even better than National Wine Day, National Coffee Day and National Treat yo-self to a Spa Day-Day, it’s my favorite day to celebrate; It”s National Dog Day. How awesome is that? An entire day dedicated to celebrating life with my dog, impressed with America? So am I,  but to be honest it is just like any other day for me and the many other Dog Moms/Dads and here’s why.

  1. You may see us post an extra picture to social media today to help promote awareness of NDD but if you notice, we post pictures of our dogs daily.  If for some bizarre reason we failed to post to a social media we have still have new pictures streaming to our Icloud, to the point we have to purchase extra storage just to keep ALL of them! How could we dare erase ONE of the 6,000 we already have? So thank you Itunes for auto withdraw of 99 cents a month so I can take extra pictures of Taz today and the many faces he made when he ate his National Dog Day treat.
  2. Who am I kidding he gets a dog treat every DAY. I used to use them as a way to work on his behavior as positive reinforcement but he is so darn perfect he deserves a treat regardless of  National Dog Day or not.. Taz is getting a treat for something.
  3. If we are not with our dog for any part of the day our thoughts are sure to be,” I’d rather be with my dog.” (#IRBWMD) If a dog mom/dad tries to make plans before or after work one can assume the first question asked is Can I take my Dog? If the answer is no. It’s a I’m sorry, can’t go because lets be honest #IRBWMD.
  4.  Our daily ritual is more theirs than ours. Even before we want to get out of bed, the morning is dedicated to a morning walk half asleep, spilling our coffee as we grab a doggie bag and head out the door.
  5. NDD is a celebration of your Dog’s life but every day is a celebration of your life when you have a dog

And that my friends is why NDD is just like any other day for us dog moms and dads across the globe. So Cheers to a celebration of life and National Dog Day everyday.


Bisous Bisous,

Brianna Cirene




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Top Five Phrases I wish you could say as a child from a broken family.

As I finally decided to dedicate my passion of writing and being real as it already came out on the daily through conversation and sarcasm. It inspired me to revisit my journals and letters from the past one of which created this post. So here at The BS Daily, #anythingbutBS you’ll find Top Five Phrases I wish you could say to the parent who left without rhyme or reason.

Thank you. Whether it was your absence or presence it taught me many lessons in life one which I recently had to over come, blog posting about it later about being too independent.. but now I know why, so thank you. I am so thankful for the ability to have insight and growth in an area I can relate to many others. So often than not this world is filled of broken families leaving children lost or broken without even knowing. So thank you for allowing me to be a child who is able to relate. A child who did not survive but transformed her into a strong and inspirational young lady who is dedicated to helping others.

I’m sorry. A phrase soon to be out of my vocabulary, stay tuned for that post too, but you deserve one. As I’m an auntie now and I get to enjoy the essence of seeing and being a part of a beautiful child learning the ways of the world. To be honest its the most prize possession I own is the words Aunti Bee from my niece. So I’m sorry you left before you my first words or before I could learn the words “Dad”.   I’m sorry you left before you could see me as a child learning the ways of the world, learning the importance of I’m sorry” forgiveness and finding all the wonderful things in life that would bring me joy. I’m sorry you left before the days I grew the most.  I’m sorry you missed out on the many lessons life taught me but you are forgiven.

You are forgiven. You were forgiven the day kids teased me in second grade about not having a dad. I remember being on the jungle gym and the neighborhood kids I went to school with teased me for not having a real family because I didn’t have a dad. I remember them saying you are supposed to have a mom and a dad and then they have babies. I lied and told them you were dead. I said no I have a Mom and a brother and grandma and papa. I had a real family. That was the first day I realized you weren’t there. That was the only time I went home to ask about you. The only time I sat down with my mom and brother  letting a tear and anger out to have my mom who convinced me that you weren’t dead. I accepted that you left, I heard you tried to come back, maybe you can say bad timing or put the blame on my mom. But to me, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter that you left. It matters that I heal, It matters that I encourage myself on a daily basis that it wasn’t my fault,  I wasn’t good enough, pretty enough, or got good grades in school. It was between you, my mom and yourself. I speak the words you are forgiven in hopes that you heal and have healed. I hope you look yourself in the mirror and say the words I tell you now. I love you.

I love you. I went out to Spain when I was 21. I went out there and met his children my sister and brother two incredible souls, his wife and family/friends. I saw his day to day and realized all of the above. Most importantly for me I was able to have so much love for a man who I didnt even know. The love I had was unconditionally and love similar to my dog Taz.  A love filled of peace and patience to accept that it’s okay.

It is okay. I know deep in my heart from the outside to the inside looking in. It is okay. We get one life. We allow people in we allow people out. Some without rhyme or reason. To me we have one life to be the best we can be and well, that’s what you did. Whether that means the best mother, the best father, best husband or to me the best sister, friend,  Auntie or Dog mom… That’s what I’ll be. It is okay it took me a while to realize the wonderful things you’ve taught me but…


It is okay, I love You, You are Forgiven, I’m sorry and Thank You.


Bisous, Bisous,

Brianna Cirene.


Top 5 reasons why a broken femur is better than a broken heart.

Did you know the femur is the largest bone in the human body? Scientifically speaking to break your femur is commonly associated with a car accident or impact of such caliber but not for me. It happened as I played across the fresh cut grass and hit a sprinkler hole while doing a fancy cross over with my left leg over the ball. 

Most would say they would never touch a ball again if it happened to them. Oh how I remember the pain, surgery, and recovery as if it were yesterday. But today I ask myself what could possibly be worse than a broken femur? Well folks the BS daily ruled out everything but a broken heart. Oh I remember as if it were yesterday the pain associated with a broken heart. The unbearable pain and recovery worse than any broken bone, even the femur. Does that mean most would say they’d never fall in love again?

 1. DRUGS or more appropriately addressed as Pain management. With the doctors scribbled order, ice and elevation can take away the pain associated with a broken femur but not a broken heart. If you dare dabble into drinking while going through a heart ache I know you can agree. 

2. Through advanced medical devices, skilled doctors, and tools they can stitch mend and make new if not better the pieces of the bone. Don’t you wish we had a magical device to heal a broken heart, note moving onto another doesn’t heal its almost like a butterfly stitch, it’s not a real stitch. You’re left with a much bigger scar. 
3. Taking “professional” advice is easier. When you physically can’t bend your knee because rods sticking into it it’s easy to follow your doctors orders of don’t bend your knee. Following your friends advice, family or even a stranger’s is more difficult to follow because it’s not your mama’s broken heart thanks Miranda Lamber for that one. 

4. Recovery process for a broken femur can seem extravagant beings it took me 6 months to learn how to walk again. BUT, at least I learned how to walk again. I went from a wheelchair, walker, crutches and eventually back on the field sprinting up right field with a fancy left footed crossover. How does a broken heart learn how to love again? (Hint:It starts with loving yourself)

 5.  Last but not least what’s best about a broken femur is six months later when you do heal you appreciate all the wonderful things you took for granted but don’t find yourself texting a soccer ball through iCloud or social media.

Brianna Cirene